Our industry experience is as diverse as our clients.

Schweyer Feinmechanik has been a leading supplier of precision CNC turned and milled components for renowned clients from a wide range of industries for decades.

Our employees are therefore more than familiar with complex production processes and the high safety requirements of our clients.

We supply clients from high-tech industries such as medical technology, analysis and laboratory technology, biosensor technology, laser technology, battery cell technology, aerospace and many more.

We love new “industry” challenges and are ready for joint development projects at any time.

    • Medical, analysis and laboratory­ technology

      • Clients from the medical technology sector were among the first companies supplied by us. Consequently, our partnerships in the fields of analysis and laboratory technology as well as chromatography are long-standing and characterised by mutual trust.

    • Biosensor technology

      • Biosensors are used in various fields of application, including biotechnology, food technology and medical technology. We produce turned and milled components for the construction of biosensor devices, which are used to analyse physical signals.

    • Laser technology

      • With our CNC turned and milled components, we support companies in the laser technology sector and their specific requirements in regard to precision, while simultaneously maintaining highest levels of measurement accuracy.

    • Battery cell technology

      • In the continuously evolving field of developing technologies, we have made a name for ourselves through our broad expertise. We produce tailored components for the functional testing of e-batteries.

    • Aerospace

      • Clients from the aerospace sector also value us as a competent partner that can meet and exceed the high safety requirements necessary in this industry.


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